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When Art And Charity Collide

by The Business Influencer

Art4charity began, in many ways, as something to do during lockdown. In terms of prospects, few across the UK have suffered as much as creative professionals. It’s no secret that Birmingham and the surrounding areas are home to some of the nation’s most exceptional talent. There was plenty of thumb-twiddling and a lot of sitting on hands.


However, two business leaders from Birmingham, Paul Cadman and Nathaniel Hanna, refused to accept that this would be a significant hurdle for the city’s creative industries. Instead, they set about assembling a team comprising some of the area’s finest talent, led by internationally renowned graffiti writer Gent 48.


While it was easy to become embroiled in the negativity, art4charity sought to bring Birmingham together, creating artwork that will stand the test of time, and put the region’s creative talent front and centre. What better way to launch the initiative than with a direct COVID response?




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