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Don’t Be Afraid To Dream

by Keerat

By Amarun Johal


Resilience, courage, and handwork are words one can use to describe Jose Gonzalez; a political refugee turned local Business owner. His story alone should be evidence that ambition knows no bounds, and that belief is a far more important ingredient than we give it credit it for.

Like most good stories, Jose began his life in hardship and poverty, born in Mexico, violence and corruption were a stable part of his upbringing. For majority of people, this is an unthinkable reality, but for Jose it was an essential part of forming the foundations of his character. To expose yourself to the malevolent nature of reality is the only way to develop the necessary strength to overcome it.

Eventually Jose had to flee Mexico as a political refugee in hopes of pursing a better life, and so began his new chapter. His travels brought him to England and more specifically, Smethwick, a small town on the outskirts of Birmingham. However, Jose did not travel to the ...

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