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Social Media Fuelling A Feeding Frenzy Of Crime

By Laurie Stone, Editor At Large

by Keerat

Tony Wyatt / Tony Kent  - Thriller Writer,  Criminal Barrister & A Former Heavyweight Boxing Champion


Laurie Stone


Top barrister and novelist Tony Wyatt lays bare Britain’s new underworld in his latest thriller

ALL businesses are increasingly entangled in an “unprecedented crimewave” according to novelist and leading criminal barrister Tony Wyatt.

And the perpetrators range from social media savvy schoolchildren and truculent adults to organised crime and rogue states, says Wyatt whose intimate working knowledge of this insidious new underworld has underpinned his best-selling Joe Dempsey thriller series – book five ‘The Shadow Network’ is just out under Wyatt’s literary pseudonym Tony Kent.

Often dubbed ‘The British Baldacci’ after American novelist and fellow lawyer, David Baldacci, Wyatt says "The Shadow Network may be fiction, but it highlights the de-stabilizing potential of social media...

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