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Reflections On London’s Common Agenda

By Paul Drechsler

by Keerat

By Paul Drechsler CBE, Chair – London First


“May you live in interesting times” is an English expression of a Chinese phrase. Like it or not we live in interesting times, perhaps too interesting. They are times of huge challenge, great upheaval, and uncertainty. They are times when CEOs can shine if they can double down on optimism and creativity. They are great times for collaboration between Governments and business. But let us not forget that there are big problems – short and long term – and that collaboration is critical if we are to solve them.

Capital cities like London, New York and Toronto share some common challenges and can benefit from working together to help each other. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan was recently in New York to promote the Let’s do London campaign designed to attract increased US tourism - he received a fantastic and warm welcome from New Yorkers, former Mayor Bloomberg and New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who described him as a rockstar! ...

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