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I was thinking of retiring until I came across a wonder anti-bacterial solution……

by The Business Influencer


The COVID crisis and the lockdown at its height in March bought the shortages in PPE and sanitization into the headlines – many wondered why the UK was so reliant on overseas supplies and there were cries of bringing back manufacturing to the shores.


One such UK start up based in Solihull is doing just that.


Biosan whilst still only a few years old is ramping up production of range of innovative products which tackle 99.99% of all bacteria and viruses and it is produced from natural products and creating waves in the antiseptic and anti-bacterial solutions market.


Michael Fowler


Mike Fowler (MD of Biosan) picks up the story.


‘It was March 2017 I had just moved from Norfolk to Birmingham to be closer to family and to start to retire, little knowing some 4 months later I would meet my now partner Professor Michael Clark, when I interviewed him for a R&D claim (at the time I was helping companies claim the Research and development grant).


Following discussions where I identified his claim would be unsuccessful, he told me of a wonder water  that killed 99.99% of all bacteria and viruses and it was produced from natural products, to put it mildly I thought the man was talking rubbish, how can such a liquid be available, and no one knows about it? How can it work so well but you cannot buy it? How can it work in so many places and no one knows?


Where was the catch? How can a simple liquid that kills everything but is safe to humans, animals and the environment?


Sometimes in life you have go with a gut feeling – despite my hesitancy – we invested considerable monies into machines to develop the product and see if we could look to build a sales pipeline ?


We started to develop a range of simple products – surface cleaners, mouthwash, toilet seat cleaner, first aid sprays and a range of disinfectants.’


When quizzed  – why the need to produce from natural products ?  The reply was swift – ‘with the ban on pesticides in 2022 – we decided to produce alcohol free products that would not be harmful to human.


It was so important was that these products are produced naturally and gave us sustainability.’


But little did they realise how difficult it would be to break into a market with such an innovative product.


Mike picks up the story: ’Equine flu struck the horse world and we had a cure, wow simple just ring up the Jockey club show them the tests and we are away, we quickly found our first major road block, we had a cure but could not legally sell it, looked like we were flogging a dead horse.


Dejected but not beaten we returned to our products and planned a launch of them now including sanitizer.’


Mahmudur Jaigirdar & Aman Sidhu


The Product was now tested and ready for sale – they had identified sales channels through E Bay and Amazon, and with the sudden emergence of COVID, it was the perfect opportunity.


But another objection arose – this time from the Government who insisted that all hand sanitizers had 60% or more alcohol in the composition of the products.


After extensive lobbying and meetings with the NHS – approval was given showing that the Biosan products were superior to the contemporary products on the market.


So where next? Mike points to  Mahmudur Jaigirdar (Jag) – ‘it’s over to him and his partner Aman Sidhu now – he and his company LETS Sanify are the exclusive distributors – we are only interested in developing new and innovative products.’


Jag does not come from a scientific background but from an extensive training and employment background.


So why sanitisers? ‘It was quite natural – we are were already operating in the logistics and warehouse operations for many years and it was a natural partnership given our contact base in the region and nationally.’


Despite only having picked up the exclusive distributorship less than 6 months ago – we have witnessed considerable take up of the products largely in pub chains, medical practices, schools and crucially cleaning companies.


As a UK manufacturer, we can offer products at a very competitive price and can respond to spikes in demand as we are locally based.


David Connor


It is frustrating that as a SME we can penetrate the private sector but still find public procurement a huge difficulty – it’s time that national government made it easier for local manufacturers to invest in their local community by working with their local authorities than importing at times unreliable products at a huge cost.


In terms of longevity, we have products that will outlast the COVID crisis and will prove to be long term products that dovetail into a more sustainable green agenda.’


‘Oh, by the way ‘ Jag reminds me – we are not doing too bad – we  currently have capacity to  manufacture over 5 million litres per month and have just signed an exclusive deal with the UAE government.


And we are close to doing a similar deal with the Malaysian government’. Jag concludes with a smile.


Looks like they will be ‘cleaning up the market’ after all……







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