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Is Now The Time To Sell?

by The Business Influencer

We all know the world is in a very different place from what it was 6 months ago and we have all heard the phrase “unprecedented” but what has that meant for Mergers and Acquisitions?

The top end of the M&A market ($7B+ deals) has virtually fallen to zero but what about SMEs?

I have been helping entrepreneurs buy and sell businesses for over 15 years and despite Covid-19 deals are still being done.   At the time of writing, I am in the throes of a completion to an international acquirer who made their offer to acquire in March.

When the word recession is used, we all like to think about 2008/2009:   why is this time different?
In 2008/2009, the shock was financial, this time it’s structural and money seems to be cheap.  The latter allows more scope for transactions to be undertaken.
M&A is in part a psychological and emotional journey.
Once the decision to sell or buy has been taken then that sets off a chain reaction, which means that commitment takes the f...

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