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The Restaurant Influencer – Chameleon

by Keerat

By Cheryl Simmons - Restaurant Critic


Church Where Food Is The New Religion

Cheryl Simmons, our Restaurant Critic has her prayers answered with a visit to Chameleon


I KNEW I was going out for dinner but just for a moment I questioned myself. I could hear the gentle hum of voices behind some hedges in this busy part of central London. Continuing onto the Marylebone Road, I find a canopy entrance, where I am greeted by a trio of very smart front of house personnel, one of whom directs me into a small arched tunnel, filled with the most exquisite plants and flowers.

The smell is breathtaking and immediately your senses are put on high alert. Next, I step into a large outdoor courtyard where the sound of Latin music is mixed with chatting and laughter, clinking glasses and twinkling lights. It feels like a large, exclusive garden party.



The atmosphere is buzzing, diners enjoying themselves against a backdrop of stunning green s...

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