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Book Recommendations – Andrew Lovett

by Keerat

By Andrew Lovett, Chief Executive - Black Country Living Museum


This selection of three books invites you to identify leadership behaviours in all of life. I encourage this because I don’t read many management or leadership self-help guides, or what are often war stories from business. Or if I do start to read one, I seldom get very far. Why don’t I read on? Too many clichés. Not enough original content. And way too long.

And in any case, I feel my world of heritage only reads such titles to allow it to steal the lexicon of business to give it solidarity in a world where it often finds itself betwixt commerce and social purpose.

The big lesson I have forced upon myself is not to believe that being a leader means being a hero. Remember that adage, None Of Us Is As Smart As All Of Us.

Joe Simpson. 1988
You might be more familiar with the 2003 BAFTA award-winning docudrama of the same name, when the spect...

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