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Covid Diaries – End of Beginning or Beginning of The End?

by Keerat

By Howard Wheeldon


Covid restrictions may have finally been lifted but how soon might we go back to the traditional way of conducting our lives and our business? How long would it be before those that work in offices came back into work or would the potential risk to health prove to be too much for some?

Speaking with several large ‘city’ based businesses the answers ranged from seeking a ‘phased return’ to those of ‘unlikely before next year. Another interesting reply was ‘it depends on the competition – if they return to the office we will have to follow’.

How any potential ‘return to the office’ is handled by employers will be very interesting to observe. Right now, it appears to me that many have no wish to return to the formal 9am to 6pm status quo and they have adjusted themselves to a semi-permanent way of working from home.
Learning to live with Covid is certainly the right way forward and no matter how high levels of the so-called ‘Delta’ variant might yet ...

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