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Next Stop After Covid Freedom Day

by Keerat

By Paul Drechsler CBE, Chair – London First


We passed 19th July, billed as Covid 'Freedom Day' - freedom for who? At a round table of CEOs one expressed despair at being cast into limbo, as earlier clear messaging on lifting work at home guidance ebbed away to be replaced by confusion and chaos. For businesses, the change has been more to limbo than liberation. For most people, it has been more confusion than clarity.

Losing clarity of message only took seven days, shifting from a clear message on the conditions for business reopening - the lifting of all restrictions - to chaos, with the gap filled by a sort of 'pick and mix' policy emerging on wearing of masks and 'guess the right thing to do' on social distance.


What has become of the U.K. a world expert in rule making and world famous for its respect for the rule of law.

In a pandemic that is still at the early stage of life globally the Government has decided it's now up to individuals to work o...

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