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The Billionaire Who Does Not Understand The Meaning Of ‘No’

by Keerat

Surinder Arora, Founder and Chairman - Arora Group

Interview & Article by Ninder Johal

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So how did a 12-year-old who landed at Heathrow without knowing how to speak English end up being a billionaire?
It’s simple – he replied – ‘Hard work’.

He arrived in 1972 – his parents had come much earlier, settled in West London and called for him from Punjab (India). Life was tough for the newly arrived immigrants striving to make something of themselves. He recalls watching his mother working three jobs and went along one evening with her and saw at first hand the work ethic which he believes was instilled into him.

It was this work ethic that he believes was a key ingredient for his later success. Success which includes an empire which spans hotels, construction and property.

He now has a portfolio of 30 properties across the UK including...

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