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We Can All Carry The Legacy Baton

By Matthew Hammond

by Keerat

Matthew Hammond,  Midlands Regional Market Leader & Birmingham Senior Partner - PwC UK


“This summer, the eyes of the world turned to the Midlands. After four years in the making, on 28th July 2022, Birmingham stepped onto the world stage with an ambition to deliver the most inclusive and the first carbon neutral Commonwealth Games to date.

During the summer, over 1.5 million people came from around the globe to experience sport, celebrations, and the culture of our region. I’ve spoken to a lot of people during and after the Games and one thing was clear, the buzz around the city was undeniable.

“Since then, I’ve received many questions about the Games, from why and how did PwC get involved, to what does this mean now and for the future of the region? The official slogan of the Games is ‘sport is just the beginning’ and it couldn’t be more true, the journey started four years ago and we’ve got decades of legacy ambition now to come.

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