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Leicester Under The Spotlight

by The Business Influencer

By Chris Hobson, Director of Policy and External Affairs at East Midlands Chamber
"Lockdown has been a gruelling time for everyone for a whole variety of reasons, but people in Leicester have bore the very brunt of it."

Finding out, just days away from so-called “Super Saturday” – when pubs, restaurants, barbers and non-essential shops were able to reopen – that the city would be placed under new localised restrictions was a hammer blow.

Businesses that had forked out on perishable stock in anticipation of welcoming back customers were suddenly out of pocket, heaping on financial pressure during already extremely challenging circumstances, while the mental health impact on Leicester’s citizens should not be underestimated amid this setback.

In the face of adversity, though, we saw the true community spirit of Leicester shine through in the #TogetherInHope campaign while we waited for the politicians to find a solution.

A coalition of city leaders including ...

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