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A Modern Mayan Paradise: The Explosive Luxury Villa Industry in Tulum

By Millie Poat - Copywriter

by Keerat


Once a powerful Mayan city, Tulum is now a peaceful paradise adored by holiday-makers looking for a little slice of luxury. And it’s no wonder, with white sandy beaches and turquoise crystalline seas, a vast array of tropical flora and fauna, and its ancient Mayan ruins rich in both history and mystery.

And with it being only a short flight from big cities such as New York and Miami, an abundance of Americans are choosing to hop over to holiday in blissful Tulum to relax away from a busy life for a short while. In fact, 72% of the vacationers who arrived from January to September 2022 were from the United States alone.

Tulum’s uniqueness is a magnet for many – be that Americans as well as sun-seekers from all around the world – and is reflected in all aspects from gastronomy to its focus on an eco-chic way of life. Business people across all industries are capitalising on Tulum’s popularity, trying to meet the growing demand of the tourism industry there.


Business is Booming in Tulum – and For Good Reason

The pure beauty of Tulum has led many developers and entrepreneurs to contribute to its existing architecture with boutique hotels and restaurants.

Alongside these, luxury villas – from big names to boutique bungalows – adorn the Caribbean coastline. The increase in luxury villas in Tulum is due to the incredible demand for them along with the impressive ROI for those looking to invest in real estate, which totalled 8-15% between 2019 and 2021.

With more and more people preferring to dive into local experiences, the eco-chic villa rental market has been favoured over larger hotels. From 2020 to 2021, Tulum’s total vacation rental revenue has grown from $106,705,400 to $177,361,200.

That’s a massive 66.22% increase in just 1 year, and it’s not stopping any time soon with tourism in the area expecting to triple in 2023.

With the villa rental market in Mexico growing an enormous 3,165%, there’s no doubt that destination markets across Mexico are getting hotter and hotter, particularly as flexible, remote working systems continue to rise with such workers wanting to diversify their working days by spending them in serene luxury resorts.


Alongside the boom of the luxury villa rental market in Tulum has been the rise of star-studded chefs from all around flocking to what was once a sleepy seaside town, creating a diverse dining scene such as Arca led by Jose Luis Hinostroza and Verdant led by Maya Scales and Benjamin Coe.

As well as being a great place for foodies, Tulum’s prominent spiritual scene invites individuals to enjoy meditative retreats and unique wellness experiences such as Temazcal Ceremonies. With something for everyone, it’s no surprise that the luxury villa rental industry in Tulum has truly taken off.

It’s needless to say that Tulum new massive high end touristic and investment infrastructure requires flawless concierge service to deliver the best Tulum has to offer to a visitor and a potential investor alike.


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More and more, people are looking for holidays where they don’t have to think of a thing, where all aspects are taken care of so that they can simply sit back and unwind – a holiday which takes ‘all-inclusive’ to new heights. From finding the perfect villa and yacht chartering to beach clubs and getting the best seat in the house at top dining spots, the trend is for all to be taken care of down to the very last detail. After all, Tulum is a place to fully immerse oneself in and enjoy to the fullest.


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