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Disruptors Plan A New Dawn For Healthcare Technology

By Healthcare Writer Steve Loader

by Keerat

Steve Loader


SOME big names have made great strides and disrupted key global industry sectors with their technology.

Google and the Internet, Apple and the iPhone, Tesla and the electric car, and SpaceX and Blue Origin - leading a new space race - are just some of those tech transformers.

But where are the long-awaited major advances in medical innovation, especially since completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003 - expected to herald so many breakthroughs, cures, and greater longevity?

They are coming, but not necessarily from established names in medical technology. The would-be disruptors are often smaller fast-moving startups taking whole new approaches to issues that have constrained the health sector for decades.

One such company is Verseon, a Silicon Valley neighbour to the likes of Tesla and Apple, whose top team helped develop the streaming tech that now dominates TV viewing.

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