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Whose Idea Was It To Just ‘Let’ Children Go Online?

by Keerat

By Manjit Sareen, Co-Founder & CEO - Natterhub


Having worked in the renewable energy field for some years following on from building a property portfolio, I reached the stage of motherhood where I wanted to get stuck back into business but one thing was clear; I wanted a business with a mission and with purpose. I had really enjoyed my time with my two boys but was ready to get involved at my desk once more.

I spent considerable time looking at different businesses and I was determined to find something that was in the children’s space, something that created a positive impact and something that was scalable and profitable.

It was by chance that my son’s former teacher was attending the same children’s party as my husband. He overheard her talking about an idea that sparked his interest. She had put the idea to bed, knowing it was a huge challenge but when Deepak returned that day mentioning an idea that involved teaching children about being on screens by bu...

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