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Additive Masterclass

by Keerat

Paul Morris, Founder - Addmaster


Paul Morris talks to Business Influencer about starting a company with a loan from his nan, selling it for £33m at the height of Brexit and how his focus now is on helping create a ‘global antimicrobial powerhouse’.

When Paul Morris signed on the dotted line to sell Addmaster, it marked another major milestone moment on a 21-year roller coaster journey.

The Stafford-based entrepreneur used a £5000 loan from his nan to help turn an exciting idea to bring antimicrobial additives for plastics, paper, textiles paintings and coatings to market into reality.

Many of his former colleagues thought he was mad. Leaving a secure well paid job in the plastics industry with a new baby on the way and having to rely on second-hand baby clothes is not an ideal backdrop for starting a new business, but he knew the time was right to tap into demand for additives that could protect against bacteria and viruses.

Fast forward just over two decades a...

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