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A Message From The Publishers

by The Business Influencer


As we approach the autumn, the word normality is starting to emerge in certain parts of the world. But the Delta virus continues to affect the world in different ways. The developing countries still lag behind the progress made by the developed nations with demands for ensuring that all countries have access to the vaccine.

The challenges to eradicate global and national inequality remain as a long term structural one. We will only truly defeat this horrendous virus until the whole world has been vaccinated – We are keeping my fingers crossed that our global leaders are able to put their ideologies aside and ensure that the world functions in a much more co-ordinated fashion whilst ensuring that globalisation delivers benefits to all.

The world is grappling with a number of old and new challenges. The concept of hybrid working is something businesses are beginning to grips with whilst central banks are trying to understand how impactful the raging global inflation will be on economic growth.

Business Leaders and entrepreneurs will be measured by their ability to cope with this ‘new norm’ and how to navigate an environment that is rapidly changing with businesses and consumers looking to adopt an increasing digital approach to business and life. A leadership style based on EQ rather than IQ will reward those in an environment where mental health is rearing its ugly head.

The next twelve months will be important as we seek to reset the button and look to rebuild an economy thanks to the brilliant collaborative work from our medical fraternity and the pharmaceutical industry who both reacted superbly to the crisis. This magazine was launched during the COVID crisis whilst our sister company – Nachural Events – was brought to a standstill.

Thank you to those who have supported us during the last nine months and such as been the overwhelming response to the magazine, that we hope to be in a position to announce our exciting plans internationally and especially for the USA very soon.


Do not forget to tune into our weekly podcast featuring the best insights from the very best business brains.

Please feel free to email us if you have any ideas of improving our products (the magazine and podcast) and we would be grateful if you would spread the word as we look to encourage both wealth creation and recognition of the input of entrepreneurs and businesses in the UK and globally.

It’s been a difficult 18 months for those like us operating in the ‘events market’ – a sector always the first to be affected and the latest to emerge from any health and or economic crisis.

Freedom day in the UK brought both hope and fear but as the number of infections continues to decline at the time of writing – we at Nachural (sister company of the Business Influencer) are pleased to announce our forthcoming events on the 1st of October at the Wolverhampton Racecourse and the 5th of November at the prestigious Hilton on Park Lane in London.

So we hope to see you at one of the forthcoming events and let’s celebrate for what looks like an awesome decade of growth and prosperity and applaud all those wealth creators that ensured that we have a future to be proud of..

I hope you enjoy our new offering and please feel free to contact Narinder or I directly on editorial@thebusinessinfluencer.co.uk with your views and comments both positive and negative.


Finally, please stay safe.

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