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A Message From The Publishers

by The Business Influencer


We launched this magazine in the middle of a pandemic and witnessed the global misery of first a health crisis which then rapidly turned into an economic crisis as governments scrambled to cope with a crisis not seen for over a hundred years. Due to fantastic innovation and speed, we witnessed the launch of several vaccines which appeared to reduce the speed of COVID 19 and its many variants.

The successful roll out of the vaccines resulted in a number of outcomes not anticipated by commentators. Instead of high unemployment, businesses have complained about staff shortages. Instead of deflation and low demand, we have the spectre of stagflation with raging inflation which is largely due to supply problems rather than demand. And then the next unanticipated crisis to hit the globe is the Russian Invasion of Ukraine. At the time of writing, there seems little optimism for a resolution despite the ongoing peace talks.


The last 24 months reminds us of the uncertainty that prevails. The effects of the Russian invasion have been widespread with oil and gas prices accelerating beyond comprehension and the shortage of agricultural products like wheat (which Russia and Ukraine dominate the world in supplying). The commodity markets are in turmoil and the role of central banks and governments will determine whether the outcomes will be positive or negative.

Despite the calls for onshoring (producing products at home rather than importing), we remain a connected world depending on supply chains far afield. Governments need to invest in long term skills and infrastructure to improve productivity in their domestic markets.

Entrepreneurs have always shown resilience and adaptability, but these surely are challenging times with inflation and threats of interest rate hikes over a long period of time looming over us. But business will prevail (it always does) as we will the world economy as we look to return to some sense of normality.

Back in the UK, we continue to try to get back to normal with our events continuing to flourish and with further events planned for Leicester, Wolverhampton, London, and Birmingham for this year and next. For further information please visit www.nachural.co.uk.


Finally, despite the threats to globalisation, we are proud and excited to announce that this magazine is now available in the USA through the national chain of bookstores – Barnes and Noble and we look forward to the announcement of further territories as we look to promote the stories and journeys of those truly making an impact, creating sustainable economies, and providing employment to many.

So we hope to see you at one of the forthcoming events and let’s celebrate for what looks like an awesome decade of growth and prosperity and applaud all those wealth creators that ensured that we have a future to be proud of..

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I hope you enjoy our new offering and please feel free to contact Narinder or I directly on editorial@thebusinessinfluencer.co.uk with your views and comments both positive and negative.

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