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A Message From The Publishers

by The Business Influencer

‘Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing’ Albert Schweitzer.


With the advent of social media, the term influencer has a stronger and more relevant meaning than ever.

The emergence of social media and its ability to have unlimited reach has meant that the term influencer is no longer just applicable to top politicians but can be applied to any one – we are all capable of becoming influencers in our own industry, sector or in life generally,…

Welcome to the first ever Business Influencer publication.

Following on from the success of the Nachural Events which include the Signature Awards – we have been blessed with attracting the most influential business leaders to our events and it was only natural ( sorry for the pun ) that we sought to explore the thoughts and views of business influencers even more deeply in our new magazine.


We will look to navigate the complexity of global business. Our contributors come from all types of backgrounds – entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, senior policy makers, senior academics and others from the Arts and third sector.


We will explore how entrepreneurs have coped with COVID 19 including observations from James Wong (owner of Chinese restaurants), how the world of education is changing from award winning Matt Jones from Oxbridge and an insight of how some entrepreneurs have emerged and entered new markets because of the crisis which include innovative products in the hygiene space ( Sanify ).


There has been much discussion on how the importance of ‘place’ has changed with many commentators arguing that corporates are increasingly adopting flexible working with staff being asked to work from home. The rise of on-line shopping during the pandemic has raised the viability of the high street and shopping malls – we get a fascinating insight by Tony Elvin into running one of the top shopping malls ( Touchwood ) in the UK during these challenging times. The term ‘Place’ has never been so important when we think about Arts and Culture – we hear from the leading Arts champion and CEO of Birmingham Hippodrome – Fiona Allen. The UK has several strategic sectors – no more so than the automotive sector with its deep supply chain and we hear from leading economist Professor David Bailey.


There has been much discussion around access to finance for businesses during COVID – we will hear from leading Business Advisor ( Johnathan Dudley from Crowe ) on how businesses should look to improve their sustainability. There was much discussion around the provision of CBILS and we hear from the Stephen Deakin (CEO of BCRS) on how these were distributed and his view on repayment. It has been interesting to compare this recession with previous ones and how they differ.  Guvvy Sandhu of Mackrell gives us an insight into the thinking behind buying and selling businesses during challenging times.  And finally, we have a deep dive into wealth management from Senior Director – Martin Lord. It has never more important than now to diversify your income streams and plan irrespective of COVID 19.


The rising profits of the FAANGS ( Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google, Apple and Salesforce ) show the importance of technology and the role of 5 G going forward. We hear from the co-founder of Giff Gaff and chair of WM5G – Mark Stansfield – who will explain how 5G will become more important in the ‘levelling up’ policy adopted by the Tory Government.


The previous recession was marked by international leadership led by President Obama and PM Gordon Brown. But it is obvious that the pandemic has been everything but a symbol of international partnership. Instead, we have witnessed individual nations acting unilaterally. This led to a huge disruption and poor availability of PPE equipment and supplies and as we approach Brexit – commentators are asking is globalisation over?


We have an insight into the potential of India as an international partner for the UK post COVID and post Brexit. There is an insightful piece from Lakshmi Kaul from the CII, supported by an intriguing piece by the CEO of East End Foods ( Jason Wouhra) who is also the chair of the newly formed West Midlands India Partnership.


The value of sterling was used by many as a proxy for the Brexit negotiations and Jaspaul Bains of Rational FX gives us insight into the currency markets going forward into 2020/2021.


Moments of crisis require leadership of the organisation both externally and internally. We have fascinating insights from the WM Metro Mayor Andy Street ( previously MD of John Lewis ) about leading a region with facts changing by the hour,  Neil Lloyd on how to manage a leading law firm in the midst of a crisis, how to manage talent in turbulent times from CEO Safaraz Ali of the Pathway Group and with Universities in the headlines – how did Geoff Layer VC of Wolverhampton University run a hugely complex multi-site operation with so many stakeholders?


The country is still battling with the virus with certain regions still under lockdown – we investigate the effects on Leicester and Manchester. With the former, we hear from the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce, a local lettings and sales company who give us an insight into property markets whilst Leicester born entrepreneur Byron Dixon explains how he and his business has exploded with significant turnover and profits during the COVID crisis.


Often during recessions businesses retract from their marketing, but many business practitioners will tell you that this is precisely the time that you should be investing in your brand. Dee from leading marketing agency GLOSS gives an insight into how businesses in a changing environment have to adopt a digital approach when looking at enhancing their brand.


During challenges, humans can rise to the challenge and hear from entrepreneur Ian Evans who supports start-ups as well as running his own start up and charity Acorns explain how they coped with a downturn in donations.


And finally, we look at the importance of business influencers on the business environment as we scour the globe to understand what makes a business influencer and whether it is important to be one for brand and business longevity ? Our cover story is all about influence – the Chair of Cobra and the President of the CBI – Lord Karan Billimoria – will play a huge role in not only combating the devastation caused by COVID 19 but to navigate the uncertainty around Brexit.


I hope you enjoy our new offering and please feel free to contact Narinder or I directly on editorial@thebusinessinfluencer.co.uk with your views and comments both positive and negative.


Finally, please stay safe.

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