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The Significance Of Risk – The Pathway To Courage

by Keerat

By Amarun Johal


Risk, the gateway to the unknown, the birth place of potential, the facilitator of what is rather than what could have been. Since the dawn of time, man has wrestled with the idea of journeying to the unknown, confronting the realm of possibility. Whether it be our early ancestors venturing deep into the Savannah in search of food and water, or long bearded pirates setting sail for the illustrious pursuit of gold, the sense of adventure has always been deeply embedded within the human psyche.

However, pursuing the path of adventure gives rise to the possibility of misfortune and danger. Humans, for the most part are extremely risk averse, a trait that ensured the survival of our primitive forefathers. Fear is a useful tool in the game of survival, a tool designed to protect oneself from incoming threats and preserve existence. Though fear can be viewed as an essential element in the preservation of life, it can also act as the shackles that stop you ...

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