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Smashing The Glass Ceiling

by Keerat

by Mani Hayre




Interview with Moni Mannings, Non Executive Director - Hargreaves Lansdown

When asked to interview Moni, I did some research and found a video interview of her years ago being asked about her legal career. She came across incredibly warm and authentic, the experience I had with her was no different, as I sat down to ask her about her portfolio career.

Moni’s legal background from barrister to solicitor, puts her in good standing for sitting on a number of boards as a non-executive director (NED). I asked her how she chooses the positions she has so far, including the recent announcement of becoming a board member for Cazoo, an online car retailer.

The interview was relaxed, fun and informative. We talked about her experience and why she chooses the boards she sits on, to diversity and changing the face of what a board looks like.

What has led you to sit on the boards that you are a part of and what advice would you...

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