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Where’s The Value In 5G?

by Keerat

By Robert Franks, Managing Director - WM5G

• With the UK facing profound crises, we need new technologies to drive recovery & growth
• UK leadership in 5G is critical to unlock the benefits of AI, the internet of things & robotics
• For example 5G is improving manufacturing productivity by reducing down-time & delays
• 5G is helping to improve health & social care and reduce road congestion & pollution
• Now we’re putting 5G in the hands of start-ups via the UK’s first 5G Accelerators

The UK is clearly facing a profound economic and social challenges. The pandemic has resulted in the worst recession for over 300 years, the highest levels of public debt since World War 2 and of course tragically over 100,000 deaths. Furthermore it’s also likely that unemployment will rise significantly after furlough ends.



Against this backdrop, the next generation of mobile technology – 5G – is being rolled-out across the UK and the West Midl...

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