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The Unwritten Rules In A Company: Who, What & Why?

By Safaraz Ali

by Keerat

Safaraz Ali, CEO – Pathway Group - Twitter - LinkedIn


Unwritten Company Rules are the routines or behaviours followed by the majority of the employees, sometimes they may not align with the organisational expectations, values, or any code of conduct. It can simply be described as employee’s belief of ‘this is the way we do things here’. This ‘perception’ is powerful enough to drive behavioural change in people but often not openly spoken about. These unwritten rules are equally as important as any written rules.

These rules are created in several ways – people watch what gets noticed, what does not get noticed and for any differences in terms of what people say and what they do. Actions speaks louder than words and people will follow exhibited patterns of behaviour rather than follow the organisations corporate mission and vison statements.



These unwritten rules could be positive or negative. Positive rules underpin teams that are lean, and ag...

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