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The Pandemic’s Proven Universal Investment In Healthcare Is Essential

By Dr Nik Kotecha OBE DL

by Keerat

Dr Nik Kotecha OBE DL, Chairman of Morningside Pharmaceuticals & The Randal Charitable Foundation


The Covid-19 pandemic led to many healthcare systems in both the western world and lower-middle income countries being completely over-whelmed. Tragically, the coronavirus did not discriminate between political borders, but what did differ immensely was the response from individual nations.

The UK created the Oxford-Astra-Zeneca jab, which was heralded as a vaccine for the world, and has so far seen 2.5 billion doses distributed at-cost to 170 countries, globally. Almost two-thirds of these have gone to lower-middle-income countries, including more than 30 million doses donated by the UK through COVAX or bilaterally.

This breakthrough and the ability to manufacture on home soil, led to the UK being one of the first nations to emerge from the harsh pandemic lockdowns and draconian restrictions on freedoms, which still dog some parts of the world.



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