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What Kind of Business Leader Are You?

By Dougal Shaw

by Keerat

Dougal Shaw, Author & Senior Video Innovation Journalist - BBC News


I’ve encountered and interviewed hundreds of business leaders, from companies big and small, while making business feature stories for BBC News, many of those while making the CEO Secrets series. This is a strand I devised where business leaders answer a fundamental question: ‘What’s the advice you wish you had when you started out?’

They can answer the question in a straight fashion in a video that lasts around 90 seconds, which airs on TV and online, or they can encapsulate their wisdom in the form of a short story, a lightbulb moment. In the course of making the series I’ve spotted several patterns when it comes to the personality types of business leaders. This is based both on what they choose to say on-camera, but also how they behave off-camera while we go about recording the interview.

Firstly, I have been struck by a difference between CEOs who founded their own companies and CEOs who h...

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