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The Gold Standard For E-Commerce Online Communities

by Keerat

by Tobias Gould, Director of Social Innovation - Community Enterprise Engine


All modern businesses have digital relationships with customers and the best ecommerce build communities that have higher-level relationships with their customers than simply following or consuming content.  No matter what you sell you will need to build better online communities in the future. Online customers want genuine relationships with you that provide satisfaction and involvement. 

In a saturated online world they don't have to come to you to make their purchase, they can migrate away to the platforms, spaces and communities that provide most value.  We are going to share with you the gold standard ‘real world’ principles borrowed from Asset Based Community Development by Cormac Russell, and apply these to making better digital communities for your business. These tips will give you the magnet to pull your customers towards you and the glue to make them stick around for longer.


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