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Success Breeds Success?

By Safaraz Ali

by Keerat

Safaraz Ali, CEO – Pathway Group - Twitter - LinkedIn


As a business leader or entrepreneur, achieving success can feel incredibly rewarding, but it can also be a double-edged sword. While success can drive further growth and fuel the hunger to achieve more, it can also lead to complacency, overconfidence, and a lack of focus on the core business.

This can ultimately jeopardise the future of the business and hinder its ability to sustain growth. As such, it's essential to stay obsessed, curious, and focused on the core business to ensure long-term success.

We may think we are still hungry, but often business leaders and entrepreneur start losing attention and we look at diversifying and lose interest in the core areas before we have fully secured our dominance and what we originally aimed to achieve. This can place the current core business at risk because we’re not paying attention at the same level as before and start looking elsewhere.




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