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Challenges To Investing In Africa – The Flag Response Model

By Steven Adjei

by Keerat

Steven Adjei, Founding Partner – BlueCloud Health 


In my best-selling book Pay The Price: Creating Entrepreneurial Success Through Purpose, Pain, and Purpose, I talk about the four kinds of pain which can affect an entrepreneur on their journey to success. Incidentally, these four kinds of pain are exactly the problems and challenges when faced when investing in Africa:

The model seeks to explain the model of pain in entrepreneurship, and in reflective ways, exactly explains the challenges and issues facing investors as they try to navigate the complex map of the African landscape.

Pain (and risks) for investors potentially seeking to invest in Africa comes from 4 main sources. I have categorised these forms of pain and the corresponding responses with four colours: Red, Amber, Green, and White. The model is shown in the diagram below.



Red Flag Pain: The Pain of Self-Sabotage
Africa has serious challenges. That is a fact. And a lot...

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