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Sales Leadership Post COVID

by Keerat

By Nigel Dunand, Managing Director - Sandler Training


Crises share two common traits:

They have a beginning, a middle, and an end.
The recovery from a crisis produces both winners and losers.

What can sales leaders do to ensure that their organizations not only survive, but thrive as one of the winners?

The upturn from this crisis is likely to be faster, more far-reaching, and more decisive than the previous recoveries. Despite the massive disruption, the crisis has not been caused by any underlying structural challenges in the economy. Its impact has been almost immediate. And unlike previous crises, it looks as though we have some idea of when the disruption will end.

What strategic approaches and tools will help companies come out of this phase poised to secure a market-dominant position?

To plan realistically for aggressive growth during the recovery, there are a few basic ideas we can consider.

Do we have a team focused on building our recovery p...

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