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Post Brexit Trade Deal – Short Term Headache or Longer Term Pain?

by Keerat

By Dr Nik Kotecha OBE, Chairman - Morningside Pharmaceuticals Ltd


Pharma boss and Chairman of Morningside Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Dr Nik Kotecha OBE, examines whether the current challenges posed by the Post Brexit Trade Deal and the end of the Transition Period are temporary hiccups or a more permanent problem.


When the 11th hour Brexit Trade Deal arrived at the back end of 2020 most businesses hailed it as a breakthrough, largely because the prospect of no deal would have been so damaging to UK businesses.
On the one hand the deal has given most UK businesses certainty, which will enable companies to finally be able to make long term plans, as well as invest for the future.

I am a great admirer of how UK businesses are able to adapt and innovate, as their operating environments evolve, which will provide many opportunities to grow into new markets, as the UK continues to sign trade deals around the world. However, on the other hand and despite business’ ini...

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