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Planning, It’s Not Such A Minority Report

by Keerat

By Louise Brooke-Smith - Development & Strategic Planning Advisor and Non-Executive Director


Remember when John Noakes had one of the very first mobile phones? He was out in the Blue Peter garden and called the studio, with no wires attached? Today, we can laugh at how naive that seems. Well, it was 1976 and IT in terms of communication was still in its infancy. Jump nearly thirty years to 2002 when Tom Cruise was evading capture, using a new set of eyes, trying to solve a murder coverup?

Adverts had auto-recognition and data banks remembered every purchase made. Minority Report, while seen as science fiction at the time, actually wasn’t far from reality and indeed, today, digital technology has moved on to not only embrace Mr Cruise’s futuristic environment but take the way we collect and use data so much further.
What has this got to do with planning? Well, it’s a game changer. It is moving the way we plan and develop land from the age of pen, ink and colour wash...

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