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COVID-19 and the Future of the Enterprise Economy?

by Keerat

Professor Mark Hart, Deputy Director, Enterprise Research Centre and Aston Business School


The 2020s are already shaping up to be a decade we won’t forget and we’re barely one year in. Coming on the back of a decade when researchers and policy makers have been focused on the post-financial crisis productivity puzzle as well as the implications of leaving the EU, the impact on the global economy from the Covid-19 pandemic brings new challenges and uncertainties. Will this decade turn into the ‘roaring twenties ‘of 100 years ago following a pandemic that took somewhere around 20-50 million lives worldwide. We know how that decade ended – in the Great Depression of 1929!
Thousands of businesses across the UK remain shuttered today as the latest coronavirus lockdown takes effect. Citing new scientific evidence showing an expected surge in cases nationwide over the coming weeks, the Government finally bowed to pressure and abandoned its previous regional tiering strategy.
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