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As UK Departs, Evolution or Revolution For The EU?

by Keerat

By Howard Wheeldon


The old adage ‘If looks could have killed’ sprung to mind when a forlorn, masked and seemingly angry former prime minister, Theresa May, sitting just two rows behind Boris Johnson in the House of Commons on December 30th last year, the day that MP’s had been asked to approve the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement. Hidden behind the now ubiquitous COVID-19 mask and to intents and purposes scowling at his every word, one would have loved to know what was going through Mrs. May’s mind as she listened to Boris Johnson telling the House that Britain had secured a brilliant trade deal with our EU friends.


Not that, after the Labour Party leader had made it clear that the Party would support the Government, was the House of Commons vote ever really in doubt and with the House of Lords giving the bill an unopposed third reading later that evening, following royal assent from the Queen what many will regard as the most important hurdle surroun...

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