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Book Reviews – Mark Smith

by Keerat

Mark Smith, Executive Director of Business and Regional Engagement for Aston University, shares his reading ideas.


2021 probably presents more opportunities to learn than any other year in recent memory. In this review, I've compiled a list of three favourite books from the past decade that I think will equip you with tools to help navigate your future options in business. These books are not about inspiration or philosophy; they are about understanding and doing. The first two are 'dippers', books you read and then refer back to as you need them, whilst the last is one that requires significant focus as it changes your perception completely. (I've also been cheeky and added a bonus book).

1. Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinmeyer (ISBN: 9780091929787)

My first book is from 2010. I was a confirmed user of basecamp™ when this book came out and picked it up because the software tool's co-founders wrote it. This book is best used in two ways: as a complete ...

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