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From Drugs to Entrepreneurship – Family Secret

by Keerat

by Keerat Rai, Nachural


A Family Secret's aim is to provide good tasting healthy foods and more importantly, to provide recipe ideas for good tasting meal solutions. They focus on making sure our food is good to eat too with low fat, low salt and sugar but maximum authentic flavours.

We talk to Family Secret Co-Founder, Sunny Mudhar.

Where did it all start?
Family Secret simply began with the question, "Will You Marry Me?" Thankfully, she said "Yes" we soon got married and embarked on a honeymoon that took us to some amazing places such as, Singapore, China, Thailand, India, Indonesia, and Morocco. On our travels we met some amazing people and ate some amazing foods. The food that we tasted was so fresh, natural and it was from the very people who we met that had these brilliant recipes; it was their Family Secret recipes from what we thought we ought to bring these tasty recipes back to the UK and guess what, we did.

Why entrepreneurship?

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