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What is Venture Capital?

by Keerat

by Gurvinder Dhaliwal - guv@fuel.ventures - www.fuel.ventures

Gurvinder Dhaliwal is a Finance veteran with 17 years’ experience as Managing Director at Morgan Stanley/Bank Of America in London and Hong Kong. A keen advocate of entrepreneurship; he is very active in the angel and seed growth equity landscape. Gurvinder was born in Wolverhampton where he completed his secondary education and subsequently went on to read Mathematics at Cambridge University.


Venture capital (VC) as the name suggest is primarily focussed on investing money in young high growth companies in return for equity. Investors come from a variety of sources, including private and public pension funds, endowment funds, corporations and wealthy individuals. Investments include start-ups, early-stage, and emerging companies across the ‘innovation ecosystem’. Notable famous companies to receive venture capital during their start-up periods are Apple, Microsoft and Google and more recently Uber and Delive...

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