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Middle Eastern Inward Investment – The Silk Road Reborn

by Keerat

by Guvvy Sandhu, Corporate Solicitor - Mackrell Solicitors


For hundreds of years, England and much of Europe traded goods with the Middle East via the all-important Silk Road, which ran all the way from China to Britain’s shores.

While trade is now multi-national aided by advancements in technology and travel, the connection to the Middle East and countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Dubai, couldn’t be stronger.

To find out about new opportunities for investment between the UK and the Middle East we sat down with Guvvy Sandhu, Associate Solicitor at Mackrell.Solicitors offices in the heart of Birmingham and his colleague in Dubai, Aymen Elbilly, who leads the firm’s unique business consultancy in the region, Mackrell Consult DMCC.

Why are investors in the Middle East so interested in the UK?
The wealth of the Middle East is well documented, and while many of the region’s investors were once focused on income generated from local resources, such as property...

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