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“For Me, Becoming a NED was an Easy Decision”

by Keerat

Tracy Westall
NED (Non-Executive Director) – WM5G
Chair – Curium Solutions
NED (Non-Executive Director) – Department for Transport

For me, becoming a NED was an easy decision. After years working as an Executive I knew the challenges and was pretty sure I had something to offer as a non executive. Being a NED means bringing business experience, the ability to support, challenge, taking time to understand culture and strategy underpinned by specific sector expertise to help the senior team to deliver a successful organisation. What’s not to enjoy!

I have varied portfolio, working in very different settings, each with their own challenges, timescales and leadership styles but what is common is the appreciation for the support their NEDs bring. I firmly see my role about helping the organisation be the best that it can be.
To be most effective I know it’s about building trust and confidence supporting respective Leadership teams striving to deliver often against complex ...

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