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Brexit Dreams Replaced by New Found Realities

by Keerat

by Howard Wheeldon

Following an earlier business career in Birmingham, Howard Wheeldon spent 28 years as an equity analyst specialising in aerospace and defence sectors, macro-economic and geo-political until 2012. In an independent capacity, his professional work today is based around providing strategic influence support for defence and aerospace sectors and supporting the military.


Remember all those seemingly exciting newspaper headlines that appeared on January 31st this year - the day that the UK formally left the European Union after 47 years? It was the day that Prime Minister Boris Johnson heralded as “the dawn of a new era” for Britain and as we entered the eleven month transition period he celebrated what he termed as being a ‘historic’ event by announcing a tax cut for 31 million people in the form of an increase in the threshold at which they would start paying national insurance from April?

Beware of anyone baring gifts and while the prime minister,...

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