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Dorchester’s Unique Blend of Comfort and Glamour

by Keerat

By Laurie Stone, Travel Editor


The Doors Are Open At One of the World's Most Beautiful Hotels


STEPPING through the portals of London’s iconic Dorchester Hotel, I instantly felt as though life was back to normal once again.

It was a moment to treasure after the terrible and terrifying times this country has had to suffer during the coronavirus crisis.

But gradually we are being released from the grip of Covid-19 and what better time to take a welcome break from trying to run a business battered by lockdowns and restrictions.

With mixed messages coming from the government over whether one can or can’t travel abroad this summer, there is no better place to soothe away all those cares and woes than one of London’s most luxurious hotels.

Opened in 1931, the Dorchester celebrated its (lonely) 90th anniversary in March, but now its doors are open wide once again.

You’d think that this venerable institution would be showing its age. Not a bit of it....

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