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Story of the British Billionaire Brand – Reebok

by Keerat

Joe Foster, Founder - Reebok

Interview By Ninder Johal

This interview is also available in a Podcast on the Nachural YouTube Channel 

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What I noticed first when the Zoom interview cranked into action was a huge smile and a pair of twinkling eyes. I was struck by the youthful energy of this great pioneering entrepreneur. He looked at ease and spoke with an incredibly soft voice ‘Hello Ninder’– the smile continued.

Dressed in a snazzy pink shirt, he was sitting in a bright room and appeared very comfortable with the technology in front of him.

I reminded him how I first came across him in an interview on Clubhouse (a social media app and the latest tech phenomena) and heard him speak about his journey. I admitted to not knowing that this fabulous business I had known about (or rather the brand) as I was growing up had emanated from Bolton and that I was keen to understand how a British family business had built ...

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