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Manufacturers Retain Optimism Despite Multiple Challenges

by Keerat

By Chris Barlow, Partner - MHA MacIntyre Hudson


Few will forget the year 2020. When we concluded our last report, we were six months past the first national lockdown, with manufacturing and engineering businesses trying to adapt as quickly as possible to the new situation.

The deadline for a deal on Brexit was also fast approaching with “no deal” a real possibility, leaving businesses faced with two significant issues to navigate.

Things have moved quickly, luckily a deal was agreed. Depending on where you sit, it may not be what was envisaged by “take back control”, with early 2021 seeing “teething problems” or “fundamental flaws” exposed, but a deal was reached.

The UK’s vaccine programme continues apace, and lockdown is beginning to ease. Against this backdrop we revisited the same six questions that were initially asked, to see if there were any changes in response, as well as adding two questions specifically on Brexit.


Firstly, we asked how ...

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