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Will Esg Ever Rule the World?

By Nirmal Chhabria

by Keerat

Nirmal Chhabria MBA, CEO - One Stop Recycling


There is a need for more clarity among corporate leaders on the need for reporting on environmental, social, and governance issues. It is important to examine ESG claims more closely, but corporate leaders and investors should not focus only on ESG disclosure.

In order to maintain and reinforce the social license to operate of a company in the face of rising externalities, a company's environmental, social, and governance proposition must first acknowledge what companies should be unravelling.

Since companies are under greater scrutiny for how they manage environmental, social, and governance issues, it is more important than ever to adopt a robust approach, regardless of what name they choose to give to their efforts, whatever contours they choose to define at a given point, and whatever governance or corporate constructs they implement.

It is true that one may be agnostic to the term ESG, but not to its underlying c...

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