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The Government And HOCL

By Mahmudur Jaigirdar

by Keerat

THE Government is undermining its claimed green credentials by putting a barrier up against a natural and effective antiseptic that is harmless to the environment.

Not only that, but it is also being made in the UK by a business that is bringing the ‘green revolution’ to the home of the original industrial revolution.

Government is also putting a hurdle in the path of a British business pioneering the manufacturer of a potential medical and environmental game changer.

HOCL, is a highly effective disinfectant, scientifically proven to kill 99.999 per cent of bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19, E-COLI, MERS AND SARS.

It was discovered in 1834 but has been around since the dawn of time. HOCL is made by white blood cells in mammals, including humans to kill pathogens.
In the First World War, nurses made it in wards or at the bedside of soldiers to treat the injured, but the problem was that it had a very short shelf life, and this ruled out commercial manufacturing.


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