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Why Clarity Matters…

By Ann Latham

by Keerat

By Ann Latham, Bloomsbury Publishing, 2021, Copyright © Ann Latham


Extract from: The Power of Clarity: Unleash the True Potential of Workplace Productivity, Confidence, & Empowerment

Let me tell you about a not very memorable day. I was talking with a client, a Fortune 50 executive, who told me he had been promoted to vice president. After I congratulated him, he went on to explain that he still had all his old responsibilities because they weren’t going to replace him.

Furthermore, he also retained the responsibilities of a peer who left a year before and was never replaced. There was a time when this disclosure would have been shockingly memorable. What a nightmare! But it’s no longer memorable. Instead, it’s shockingly common!

Corporations are stressed. Leaders are stressed. Employees are stressed. Customers expect near perfection. Global competition, technological change, and stock market expectations provide relentless pressure.


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