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The Far East Markets Insight & Opportunities ….’Communication Fears Unfounded’

by Keerat

By Steve Parker, Owner & Director – Steve Parker ICD (International Company Development)


In previous issues of The Business Influencer, I mentioned how my 40 years of active exporting and international trade experiences proved an original belief, that relationships with and understanding of people, companies and cultures is the key to strategic global growth. In Issue 7, I promised that I would give my thoughts on opportunities in the Far East, forgetting at the time that the Beijing Winter Olympics would provide global focus on my chosen task.

So let’s give you an example, combining the above, of why you should be considering exporting to the region, rather than just importing from there…..

Every single curling stone used in the Olympics, was handmade in Scotland and exported there. Think about that for a moment and be proud?! Imagine how it would feel if your products and services were in the region too?!



I first went to the Far East ...

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