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US & UK Relations At A Breaking Point Over Biden’s Ineptitude

by Keerat

By Ken Mahoney, President – Mahoney Asset Management


Biden’s decision to alienate allies whilst completing the US withdrawal from Afghanistan will have profound effects, especially on US and UK relations.

As we witness the horrific scenes in Afghanistan it is Joe Biden who will have questions to answer as he quickly changed the policy for individuals to be allowed onto the airstrip right before two fatal bombings were carried out by Kabul airport. Biden stated individuals must have a passport and a visa to access the Kabul airstrip, and as a result, many UK personal who didn’t have a visa were denied entry to the airstrip and later caught up in the two attacks which have killed over 60 people.

This breakdown in communication has prompted UK officials to disregard Biden’s policy and many now question if there would have been as much caution and indecisiveness had Trump been at the helm.
After taking 36 hours to return Boris Johnson’s call earlier this week, Biden stu...

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