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Carsten Pfau: From Germany To Paraguay To Global Player

by Keerat

By Nadja Atwal – www.nadjaatwal.net

Instagram: @NadjaAtwal  

Twitter: @TheNadjaAtwal


Carsten Pfau has a unique story. While people usually try to map out a path for success from Latin America to the US or Europe in search for a better life, he left his mother country Germany and - together with his brother - moved to Paraguay in his twenties.

He has since built an impressive family business and enjoys the reputation as one of Paraguay’s most successful Investors and richest residents. His company Agri Terra Group had a fantastic 2020 , as agriculture investments have made a big splash during the pandemic.

Shortages of fresh produce in my favorite Manhattan supermarkets left many of us downright stunned and scared. Suddenly fresh organic chicken became a high commodity like caviar pre 2020. As a result Investors expanded or simply shifted their portfolio and started to look at agriculture investment opportunities. After all: if 2020 taught us one thing : we...

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