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UK Manufacturing – Do We Have A Brand Problem?

By Chris Greenough

by Keerat

Christopher Greenough, Chief Commercial Officer - SDE Technology


As we finally get through the headwinds of the last few years, there is a chance for the manufacturing sector to start to turn the economy around, but we still face higher energy cost and a crippling skills gap.

We have for many years seen the skills gap grow, and the impact of Brexit is still hitting, and the Pandemic made many look at their work life balance and decide to leave the sector. So for me, the biggest blocker to UK manufacturing businesses growing is skills. And there have been many [policies to try and overcome this, but none have hit the mark yet.



And I believe there is a bigger problem around the sector and our brand that needs addressing. And for me we need to start working on some of the following fundamental points to make sure we allow the sector to flourish and grow.

1. There needs to be a full review all media being used in schools and colleges to show th...

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