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The UK-China Ties Go Far Beyond The Business Realm

by Keerat

By Guy Dru Drury - CBI Chief Representative in China and Asia Trade


After the inauguration of President Joe Biden in Washington DC and a big global reset after four tumultuous years under the former Trump administration. The key focus now both for the US and the UK will be on the three ‘C’s - climate change, Covid and China.

President Biden has already gotten to work signing over 15 executive orders during his first day of office. The most significant of which was re-joining the Paris Agreement and putting climate change at the heart of his international agenda. Domestically, he set out legislation tackling the devastating pandemic that has already claimed more than 400,000 US lives and 2 million globally. And whilst there may not have been a specific focus on China during the first day of the new US administration rest assured that the third ‘C’ will be making its way up the agenda, and not just for the US but for Britain as well.
China is the UK’s 3rd largest goods p...

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