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The Poker King Who Became A Serial Entrepreneur

by Keerat

Phil Hellmuth - Professional Poker Player & Author


Business ace and poker king Phil Hellmuth is spreading the word of #Positivity, an exceptional new book explaining how positivity has helped him become one of the leading - and certainly most controversial and entertaining poker players in the world.

Hellmuth, who lives in California and is a regular at the card tables in Las Vegas, has won more than £20 million from the game. He is also a serial entrepreneur serving on ten advisory boards and has been involved in three successful reverse takeovers.

Here, exclusively for The Business Influencer, he answers a set of positivity questions which will become a regular feature of the magazine as he quizzes leading entrepreneurs from around the world.


Interview by Laurie Stone





In your business life why is positivity as opposed to negativity so important to you?
My primary role in the business world is that...

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